Your Money Blocks Are Sabotaging Your Success

“Ever feel like there’s some invisible block sabotaging your money goals? Today, we’re going deep. We’re not talking surface-level ‘think rich’ stuff, but the real, messy emotions most leaders hide when it comes to abundance. 

  • My Breaking Point: I hit a wall with the whole ‘manifest your millions’ mindset. Turns out, I had some major unresolved baggage around money – limiting beliefs, fear, you name it. Sound familiar?

  • Money Mirrors Your Mind: We think money is about dollars and cents, but it’s a symbol of how we see ourselves, our worth, even our impact on the world. That’s the work most leaders miss.

  • The Law of Assumption Goes Deeper: It’s not about willing stuff into existence, but aligning with that limitless source of creation (call it consciousness, whatever works for you). Leaders, we’re used to forcing things, not flowing with them. That’s why we get stuck with money.

  • Get Ready to Squirm (It’s Worth It):

  • Uncover your ‘money story’ – What did you hear about money growing up? What makes you uncomfortable about wealth?

  • Align, don’t Chase: Abundance happens when what you do provides value and is in harmony with who you are.

  • Build Wealth that Empowers: It’s about serving, co-creating – that’s how the flow keeps going, not by hoarding.

My Takeaway: This isn’t woo woo – it’s about unlocking the potential we block with our own money baggage. True wealth is something you embody, not just get.

Call to Action: What’s your biggest hidden money belief? Have you seen it play out in how you lead? Share below, let’s get real!