Writer and Author Briawna Ember Powers talks Intuition, Premonitions, MAX Jet Crash and her Supernatural Memoir.

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Special Guest Writer and Author: Briawna Ember Powers talks intuition and premonitions with Jason Rigby. Beginning with the intuition of Ralph Nader and his fight to save the aviation industry from a major catastrophe by fighting, since the 70’s, for stronger government regulations, his fight became his loss as his great niece was killed in the second -MAX jet crash. Expanding the links between the supernatural and reality is a journey defined on Briawna Powers blog found at IFlyAwayfromMe.com and her first supernatural memoir I Fly Away from Me.

Over the course of Mrs. Powers life, she has been faced with unexplainable supernatural experiences that she researches tirelessly through behavioral psychology and quantum physics. Balancing her role as wife and mother, Mrs. Powers takes each vision, dream, premonition, and experience with grace as the world is not so open to the proven time and time again facts of what she testifies.

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