Tired of Fake Leaders? How to Find Your Own Power and Lead Authentically


Forging Your Authentic Leadership Path: Insights for a Richer, Honest Life

We’re constantly bombarded with self-help advice and supposed blueprints for success. But the truth is, authentic leadership (and a truly fulfilling life) demands a deeply personal approach. It’s about self-discovery, embracing the uncomfortable, and choosing your own way forward. Let’s unpack some thought-provoking truths that illuminate this path:

1. “Build your own rules.” There is no one-size-fits-all answer to being a great leader. True power comes from uncovering your own values, strengths, and motivations, then forging a path that aligns with them. Don’t let external pressures define your leadership journey.

2. “Sometimes, you need to go where you least wanna go…” Growth is often uncomfortable. Self-aware leaders embrace the shadows— they don’t shy away from difficult feedback, their own vulnerabilities, or challenging situations. It’s through this exploration that blind spots transform into insight.

3. “You’re not what happens to you but what you choose to become.” Resilience is the cornerstone of effective leadership. External events may be out of your control, but your agency lies in how you respond. Ask yourself: “Am I allowing adversity to harden me, or can I transform challenges into catalysts for growth?”

4. “Stop talking, start doing.” Self-aware leaders are defined by action. Grand visions are good, but it’s in consistent, focused execution that true results unfold. Remember, your impact on the world is measured not by your intentions, but by your deeds.

5. “Looking at the outside won’t ever lead to a satisfying life…” It’s tempting to compare ourselves to others, seeking external validation. Self-aware leaders are rooted in introspection—they prioritize understanding their own desires and motivations. When you know your intrinsic “why”, outside pressures fade.

6. “Knowing your own darkness will help you to deal with the darkness of others…” Self-awareness isn’t just about knowing your strengths. Embracing your flaws cultivates compassion, empathy, and the ability to understand the complexities in others. This is where truly impactful leadership arises.

7. “You don’t need to solve every problem…” Leadership can be exhausting. A self-aware leader understands there are times to act and times to step back. Recognize that some challenges resolve themselves with time, or offer opportunities for others on your team to shine.

8. “If someone irritates you, it might be because of your own flaws…” We are all mirrors to each other. When someone triggers a visceral reaction, it can be a powerful signal to check in with yourself. What is this person revealing about an area within you that needs attention?

The Call to Authenticity

Being a self-aware leader isn’t about perfection, it’s about evolving. Embrace constant inquiry, embrace discomfort, and embrace the fact that there are no final answers. Your leadership journey is a constant act of becoming the most authentic version of yourself.

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