The 12 Week Year: Get More Done in 12 Weeks than Others Do in 12 Months

This is the Albuquerque Business Podcast with your host Jason Rigby. Each week we interview leading local business leaders to inspire the vision and the spirit that is in every entrepreneur. We discuss strengths, weakness, strategies, systems and the problems we can all solve together to fulfill a shared vision of a new future for Albuquerque.

I want you guys to buy this book The 12 Week Year you can get it here. Here is a description of the book from there website: 

The 12 Week Year Is Not About Mustering More Discipline, Willpower, Organizational Skills, or A better Mindset


 Developed in high-stakes environments where performance and execution are a competitive advantage,  The 12 Week Year has turned traditional goal setting on its head, and simplified how ambitious people get things done. 

 Traditional approaches to getting things done often require serious organizational skills and unsustainable amounts of discipline or willpower.

 If you’ve tried to become “more productive” or “more effective,” in the past, using any of those common approaches, you’ve no doubt felt overwhelmed, frustrated, or disappointed at some point with your lack of sustained progress.

The 12 Week Year is an execution method used in monster Organizations like: NASA, Dunkin’ Brands, Coldwell Banker, JC Penny, Mass Mutual, Papa Johns Pizza, Tiffany’s, New York Life, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and many more.

This new and different approach to getting things done has now become the operating method of choice for many Fortune 500 executives, elite entrepreneurs, accomplished athletes, top performers in dozens of professional fields… 

 …and, for ordinary, but ambitious individuals who need an effective execution method that’s easy to learn, easy implement, and easy to maintain.

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