Special Show: I Get Interviewed by Author Sam IV on his Show PRA Podcast Network

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This show was me getting interviewed by Sam on his show PRA Podcast Network and we talked about my life and passion. 

A little about Sam and his book he authored: 

Samuel was born in Germany. His father was in the Air Force and mom just out of high school at the time. Two years later returned to the U.S. and moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, living in a little trailer park. As time went on his sister and brother were born and money, of course, became an even bigger issue. After countless losses in the family due to unforeseen circumstances, car accidents, and mental illness in a small span of over a year, this caused a ripple effect and trickled down until it hit him. Finances can definitely take a toll. Due to stress, high levels of worry and just complete lack of fulfillment his parents had decided to get a divorce. This was incredibly hard. He had finally graduated high school and was attending Highlands University in Las Vegas, New Mexico at the time. This is when most people gain influence that will dictate who they become. This led to a major detachment though from everyone and left him feeling alone. This when he started making real mistakes. he did very well in school but dropped out after one semester, because he decided he needed to move back to Albuquerque, New Mexico to help out with his newborn son and became very lost after that point. He was 19 at the time. A year and a half later, met his now wife and had his daughter. It was time to step up. So what he did was begin researching how to become better in certain fields which at the time was music. What has been realized is that the underlying factor in which has withstood everything is progression, and what it is able to do once we’re able to see it. We tend to look at the flaws and not the beauty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder because the beholder has the power over what they perceive to be beautiful. Most people don’t see the beauty in life so they won’t dare try to see the beauty in themselves. That’s what this book is designed to help with.

You can order his new book HERE or DM me on Instagram at @abqjasonrigby and I will send you free paperback copy. 

His book is Jericho’s Journey: A Journey of Self Discovery Through Progression

Gratitude for Today, Momentum for Tomorrow, Energy for the World, Empathy for Others, and Awareness for Ourselves. 

It was in his pursuit to find answers that Samuel found the need to write a book on every single thing he had experienced. There are coaches, mentors and other successful people out there that will speak of transforming your life in order to create wealth. While that all may be amazing and 100% true what he believes is that in order to even be prepared to take on that forefront you will need some baseline principles and that’s what the cycle will grant you. When you fully become familiar with the cycle in its entirety you are now in the process of unlocking potential, figuring out how far you need to reach and using relentless aggression to never give up in your pursuit. Which is what progression is all about! 

The Cycle of Fulfillment Is a constant rotation focusing on; Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Health, Relationships, as well as Purpose. Baseline Principles are what each part of the cycle will grant you in life when each one is being focused on. The key is to create sustainable fulfillment.

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