Principles & Traits of Marine Corps Leadership | Decisiveness

Decisiveness is a key trait that all successful leaders must possess. In the United States Marine Corps, this trait is highly valued and seen as a crucial aspect of leadership. A decisive leader is someone who can quickly make difficult decisions, even in the face of uncertainty. They are able to act quickly and effectively, without being paralyzed by fear or doubt.

In the Marine Corps, decisiveness is essential in order to achieve success in combat operations. In combat, there is no time for hesitation or indecision. Leaders must be able to make quick and informed decisions in order to keep their troops safe and achieve their objectives. This requires a deep understanding of the situation at hand and the ability to analyze information quickly. A decisive leader must be able to weigh the risks and benefits of different options and make the best decision for their unit and mission.

Being decisive is not just about making decisions quickly, however. It also involves being accountable for the consequences of those decisions. A decisive leader must be willing to take responsibility for their actions and stand by their decisions, even when things don’t go as planned. This requires a high level of confidence and self-awareness, as well as a deep understanding of one’s values and principles.

Decisiveness is also essential for building trust and credibility among one’s subordinates. When a leader is able to make quick and effective decisions, their subordinates are more likely to trust and follow their lead. This helps to create a strong and cohesive unit, where everyone is working towards a common goal.

To develop decisiveness as a leadership trait, it is important to constantly seek out new experiences and challenges. This can involve taking on new responsibilities, volunteering for leadership roles, and seeking out opportunities for personal and professional growth. It is also important to practice decision-making regularly, whether it is through role-playing exercises, case studies, or other means.

In conclusion, decisiveness is a critical leadership trait that is essential for success in the Marine Corps and in life. It requires a combination of confidence, self-awareness, and a deep understanding of one’s values and principles. By developing this trait, leaders can make quick and effective decisions, build trust and credibility among their subordinates, and lead their units to success.

Decisiveness Definition- Ability to make decisions promptly and to announce them in a clear, forceful manner.

Significance- The quality of character which guides a person to accumulate all available facts in a circumstance, weigh the facts, and choose and announce an alternative which seems best.  It is often better that a decision be made promptly than a potentially better one be made at the expense of more time.

Example A leader, who sees a potentially dangerous situation developing, immediately takes action to prevent injury from occurring.

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