The Truth about Prescription Costs with Infusion Clinic ABQ Owner C-FNP KC Devine Raver

Prescription Costs with Infusion Clinic

Prescription Costs with Infusion Clinic. Hmmm. Could we be more specific? The Truth about Prescription Costs. This is the ABQ Business Podcast with your host Jason Rigby. Each week we interview leading business leaders to inspire the vision and the spirit that is in every entrepreneur. We discuss strengths, weakness, strategies, systems and the problems we can all solve together to fulfill a shared vision of a new future for Small Business.

Prescription Costs with Infusion ClinicAbout Well Life ABQ:
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Prescription drug benefit costs has increased 1150% since 1987 Since employers are the main providers of health insurance benefits, they are bearing the brunt of these costs. Is there any other line item in a company budget, that has increased this much? Patient costs have also increased 182% since 1987 Both employees and employers bear the burden of these huge cost increases. (CEOs guide) All companies that provide insurance benefits, run a health care business. It is likely the 2nd biggest operating cost after payroll. And if you don’t provide benefits, you have a tougher time recruiting top talent. As with all complex problems, there is not a single cause.

There are two main drivers of increasing prescription drug prices.

Prescription Costs with Infusion Clinic

Pharmaceutical companies (most people know this) According to “PBMS fail to pass $120billion back to consumers and retain another $30billion in additional out of pocket costs. Pharmacy Benefit Managers <— this is the real dragon PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES

Brand name drug prices are possibly justified Research and development has a wide range, but is around $985million Average cost of FDA approval for a new drug is $19million alone. PBMS

Originally processed prescription claims for a small administrative fee. Great system at first…then these middlemen began to exert more and more control. They developed formularies and controlled which drugs were “allowed” to be prescribed Began to concentrate their power. Larger PBMs gobbled up smaller ones. Some even merged with actual insurance companies or drugstore chains ie CVS Caremark. CVS Health just acquired Aetna. And Express Scripts was acquired by Cigna.

OptumRx is affiliated with United Healthcare…and Im sure many of has noticed the DaVita clinics signs now say Optum. So now they are infiltrating the frontlines of healthcare. This is a disaster. It reduces competition and limits choice. Three major PBMs control 76% of the prescription drug benefit transactions in the US – ONLY THREE The largest PBM had a net increase of 70% in net profit in two years!

Rebates. “kickbacks” Legal extortion – They negotiate with the pharma company to place their drug on a formulary, they demand a rebate. Pharma has to PAY TO PLAY or their drug doesn’t get placed on the formular. PBMs even take this farther and say not only will we not carry your drug, we won’t place ANY of your drugs on the formulary…even your generics. These PBMs pocket most and sometimes all of the rebate. EMPLOYERS BEAR THE BRUNT OF THIS COSTLY GAME 25% of the drug cost is attributable to rebates – this means we are paying 25% more than we should I see this 25% pretty regularly in practice.

Prescription Costs with Infusion Clinic

Prescription Costs with Infusion ClinicFor about 80% of the prescriptions we write, we could save a company about 25%. More about this in solutions. As a prescriber, I have had MANY scenarios where the more expensive drug is the one on the formulary and the cheaper option was not “covered”. I always thought “that doesn’t make sense”. Now that I have seen the light, I have no doubt that a rebate was the reason. Fees – They of course also collect fees for their so-called “services Spread – The PBM will reimburse the pharmacy a lower price and charge the plan sponsor (YOUR COMPANY a higher price).

The company that is footing the bill, has no idea. There’s more – specialty drugs are filled by a specialty pharmacy that is owned by the PBM and the consumer is forced to only use this pharmacy. So the PBM STILL wins. The consumer and the company lose. HOW


Awareness Employers must demand price transparency and a flat fee systems that eliminates hidden and conflicting/perverse incentives Link up with a Direct Primary Care provider like Well Life ABQ. In many circumstances we can dispense at a lower cost. And when we can’t, we are partnered with a pharmacy that can still direct bill and skip the insurance claim. This allows us to choose the most appropriate and economical option. STORIES Several years ago, one new member signed up after his…