Finance Should not be the Most Complicated Part of Your Business

Terrell dissected finance and accounting to make it easy for business owners. We went in detail of what you should look for in your business finances. I encourage you to follow and watch his podcast videos he produces a lot of helpful and informative content in the world of finance.

Terrell Turner is a Certified Public Accountant and the managing partner of the TLTurner Group; a firm focused on providing consulting and training services to make accounting and finance less complicated, for business owners and executives.

He is also the founder and host of the Business Talk Library; a professional content show that features interviews with CEOs, executives, and Ph.D. researchers in accounting, finance, and various aspects of business.

Prior to launching his firm in 2020, he served in several finance and accounting leadership roles with Ernst & Young, Navistar Inc., General Electric, and Passport Inc. in both North and South America.

His background is a great blend of accounting, operational finance, and strategy, evidenced by multiple cross-functional business leader roles. Terrell was a business unit controller responsible for leading a $65M business segment through a supply chain disaster recovery plan. He led General Electric’s initial finance transformation projects which went on to be used as a model for transforming business segments throughout the entire company. He served as the lead investor relations analyst for two fortune 100 CEOs. He has also served as the Director of financial planning and analysis to support multiple business acquisitions of over $20M in value and investor fundraising of deals between $5M and $65M. 

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