Marie Parks Special Guest How CEOs Can Brand Their Voice

Marie Parks

This episode is full of Solid Branding Advice to help every CEO navigate 2021. We also touched on new updates with content marketing, and online presence. This was an amazing podcast and I loved having Marie on to talk branding & digital marketing! Here is her bio and website.

Marie Parks, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of North Star Messaging + Strategy, got her professional start in the nonprofit sector as a grant writer, where she learned about the power of persuasion. She strives to make each client feel heard and understood, and her superpower is marrying heart and logic to create powerful copy. She believes messaging has the power to drive thought leadership, and then when business owners showcase their expertise, innovation, and influence, they inspire growth in others and ourselves. Her favorite kinds of copy to write are website copy, sales emails, and sales pages, plus she writes fiction on the side! Marie earned her bachelor’s degree in English from Rice University in Houston, Texas, and lives in Albuquerque.

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Marie Parks

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