Expert Advice for Small Business Owners Trying to Make Sense of all the Loans and Tax Incentives

Loans and Tax Incentives

Loans and Tax Incentives. Make sense of all the loans available for your business and tax benefits. We went deep into what the loans available are now and requirements for business owners. Taxes the “evil” and confusing word. Sandhya clarifies what you need to do to prepare your business for success. here is information concerning her firm

The Jindal CPA Firm specializes in providing tax and business advisory services to our clients. How do we do it effectively? By developing customized portfolios to meet the most demanding needs for our clients, our firm is dedicated to reducing income tax liability by 30-50% while simultaneously increasing profits by 22% or more. We provide a myriad of services including proactive tax planning, outsourced CFO, controller, monthly accounting, and bookkeeping to businesses, both large and small.

Loans and Tax IncentivesThoughtful analysis and planning coupled with open communication allow us to work towards realizing the most important goal for our client – business growth! Contact us so that we can begin this journey together. Bio on Sandhya: A licensed CPA in the states of New Mexico and Texas, active member of the AICPA, and certified Quick Brooks Pro Advisor, Sandhya Jindal received her Masters Degree in Accounting and Information Management from the University of Texas at Dallas. Her professional career has spanned small and large scale organizations in both private and government sectors including Sandia National Laboratories, Williamson Dickies, and Burris Steiner.

Loans and Tax Incentives

Loans and Tax Incentives. As a CPA, she has guided these organizations and others on a path to realizing their business objectives in a financially efficient manner. By understanding the impact of overhead costs and the adverse effect they can have on the generation of revenue, she has implemented plans formulated to optimize this relationship by minimizing overhead and maximizing revenue. Financial and Cost Analysis at various levels are critical methods businesses employ to evaluate their success at reaching well defined targets.



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Loans and Tax Incentives

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