How to Hire a Filipino Virtual Assistant, Freelancer, or Digital Marketer Part 1

Shiela and I get into the proper ways of hiring a Filipino Virtual Assistant. I was a guest on her show, Rockstar VA Podcast, which is where this episode is from.

After graduating college, Shiela started teaching English as Second Language Teacher to foreign students. It wasn’t a lucrative job so she looked to find a second source of income – that’s when freelancing came into the picture. She genuinely enjoyed writing and not only that, but she was good at it. Eventually, she turned her part-time writing gig into a full-time job. After some time, Shiela discovered the world of Virtual Assistance and Freelancing, as well as of all the opportunities that it had to offer. 

Shiela has worked to build up her experience, knowledge and clientele and now has firm grasp on what it takes to be a VA.

Check out her podcast here!