From the Sidelines to the Starting Lineup: Why It’s Time to Play Your Own Game

Hey there, Self-Aware Leaders – get ready, because I’m coming at you with something serious today. We all need to hit pause on the spectator mentality we’ve fallen into and rediscover the thrill of being a player in our own lives.

Let’s talk about it.  How many nights do we spend glued to the TV, binge-watching Netflix or endlessly scrolling social media? It’s entertainment, yeah, but while we’re watching someone else’s incredible journey, what’s happening with our own story?

Think about it – we idolize football players, making their victories our own. We feel deeply invested in characters in fictional dramas. We become virtual coaches from the comfort of our armchairs. But all the while, we’re living vicariously through the highlights and triumphs of others.

We become so good at watching the game that we forget the joy of playing the game.

That’s where things need to change. Each of us is here with a unique set of skills, talents, and passions. Imagine what we’re missing out on when we don’t give them a chance to shine!

Here’s what I mean:

  • You are the star player. Sure, it’s easier to comment on someone else’s plays, but you can take ownership of your life. Decide what YOU want and write YOUR game plan.

  • Fear is just a loud opponent. Sometimes the roar of uncertainty makes us afraid to try. Don’t let doubt steal your turn with the ball! Start small, learn from mistakes, and adjust your strategy along the way.

  • Don’t get stuck on the replay. Everyone stumbles. Use setbacks to analyze what went wrong, but don’t dwell on the highlight reel of your errors. Move forward to new plays and keep getting better.

  • Every day is a new quarter. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what the scoreboard looked like yesterday. A fresh start is always there for the taking. Each day is your opportunity to take action, create new possibilities, and become your best self.

Think of all the excitement and the adrenaline, the personal fulfillment we’re missing out on when we stick to the sidelines.

Instead of settling for borrowed triumphs, my challenge is this:

  1. Recognize the games YOU want to play. Dream big or dream small – just do it honestly! Maybe it’s starting a business, traveling the world, writing a book, or being the best parent you can be. Figure out what sets your soul on fire.

  2. Put the time in. Those hours spent analyzing other people’s moves? Repurpose some of that time toward action. Just doing something small every day brings you closer to making those dreams a reality.

  3. Believe in your potential. No one succeeds without taking that first step. You have the ability to shape your own destiny. Let’s take that leap of faith.

Ready to get off the bench and join the action? This Self Aware Leader community is a great place to find support, guidance, and resources. But ultimately, the game-winning move is up to you.

I believe with all my heart that we all deserve to step fully into our lives. Be brave, be bold, and let’s create a playbook for a life worth celebrating.  Remember, you’re more than just a spectator.

This has been your Self-Aware Leader podcast and remember, if you’re not playing, you’re definitely not winning. Time to make a change!