Feeling Lost as a Leader? Finding Strength When Life Gets Chaotic.

Finding Leadership Strength in the Face of My Own Storms

The weight of the world feels heavy on my shoulders lately. Deadlines pile up, personal challenges mount, and it seems like another chaotic day follows each chaotic night. In moments like these, I crave inspiration—a reminder of how to navigate the chaos and lead myself (and others) with purpose.

Recently, while pondering leadership principles, I found myself revisiting the final days of Jesus Christ. I know it sounds like a heavy topic, but as I dove into it and considered John Maxwell’s analysis of leadership, I realized there’s incredible strength to glean from Jesus’ actions under the most unimaginable pressure.

His story hit me in a whole new way. Here’s what struck me the most:

  • The Power of Peace in Chaos: Jesus, facing what he knew was ahead, exuded peace. That resonates with me right now. I’m learning that holding a sense of calm in my own life’s storms lets me make clearer decisions – and it sets a crucial example for those I lead.
  • Clarity When The Path is Foggy: Even knowing what was coming, Jesus’ vision and communication became sharper than ever. For me, as a leader, it’s easy to get stuck in the muck of the current problems. This is a reminder that communicating my vision, especially when times are tough, is non-negotiable.
  • Love and Belief that Doesn’t Waver: His love for and belief in his followers never shook, even facing betrayal. Sometimes, self-doubt creeps in, making me question my leadership, and my ability to support others. Seeing Jesus’ actions is a powerful reminder that showing genuine love and belief in my team is one of the strongest things I can do.
  • Eyes on the Future, Feet in the Present: Jesus’s future focus was intense. He painted a clear picture of what lay ahead. Life can throw plenty of hurdles, but keeping a sense of long-term direction, for myself and those I lead, helps us push through.

Look, I’m the first to admit putting these lessons into practice is far from easy. Being a truly self-aware leader means I know I’ll get it wrong sometimes. Impatience or fear might get the best of me. But that’s why I keep coming back to examples like this. Leadership, especially when things get tough, is about constantly returning to your principles and finding strength to put them into practice.

Have any of you ever turned to unconventional sources for wisdom in difficult times? Let’s talk about it in the comments!