Ancient Rome Simple Wisdom in Handling Problems

When you think about it, the human experience hasn’t changed all that much in the last several thousand years. We still face the same problems – just on a different scale. And while the solutions to those problems have changed, the principles that guide those solutions have not. This is why it’s so important to study the wisdom of the past. By understanding the principles that have guided people through the ages, we can learn how to apply them to our modern lives. In this series of articles, we will be exploring the ancient wisdom of Rome and how it can be applied to modern-day problems. We will look at the concept of stoicism and how it can help us deal with adversity. We will also explore the principles of leadership that have been passed down through the ages. So, whether you’re looking for ancient wisdom to help you deal with modern problems or you’re just curious about the past, this series is for you! Please go to where you can get show notes, resources, and links to everything we talked about today to help you navigate your journey as an entrepreneur and business owner in ABQ. Follow me on Instagram at @abqjasonrigby  or Twitter at @abqjasonrigby also sign up for our email list where I drop business & marketing secrets to help your ABQ Business!