Welcome to the Self-Aware Leadership Podcast, hosted by Jason Rigby. Every week, we explore key leadership principles designed to ignite the vision and spirit inherent in every entrepreneur. Our conversations span the gamut from strengths and weaknesses to strategies, systems, and the collective challenges we can conquer to craft a new future for humanity.
At the heart of our discourse lies the conviction that leadership, personal development, and systematic approaches are pivotal in our professional journeys. As we commit to daily disciplines, we harness the power of cumulative progress to transform our lives. I hold a firm belief that through consistent actions and holistic development—encompassing our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being—we can evolve into the individuals we aspire to be. Join us as we embark on this journey of self-improvement and collective vision-building.

Jason Rigby’s story is a testament to resilience, transformation, and the relentless pursuit of self-awareness and authentic leadership. Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, in a traditional Southern Baptist pastor’s home, Jason’s early life was steeped in religious studies, surrounded by the warmth of a close-knit community. This environment nurtured a deep spiritual curiosity in him from a young age. By eight, he was already delving into the realms of the Bible and Philosophy, captivated by the intricacies of great literature.

As a teenager, Jason found solace and balance in basketball, complementing his intellectual pursuits with physical discipline. At 18, answering a call to service, he joined the United States Marine Corps. His military tenure, marked by leadership roles in global conflicts in Somalia, Bosnia, and Haiti, honed his leadership skills in the most challenging environments. After a decade of service, Jason transitioned to civilian life, choosing to walk in his father’s footsteps by starting a church in Washington State. Here, he embraced the challenges of entrepreneurship, learning the value of hard work and the grit required to build something from the ground up.

Under his leadership, the church flourished. However, Jason grappled with a growing internal conflict. The doctrines he preached clashed with his evolving understanding of a more universal spiritual truth.


This conflict, coupled with personal struggles, culminated in a profound personal loss – his marriage and family.
In the aftermath, Jason faced his darkest hour. Homeless and grappling with despair, he faced a life-altering moment of crisis. His survival from a suicide attempt marked the beginning of a profound personal transformation.

Determined to rebuild his life, he started from scratch, initially living out of his car and then gradually climbing the corporate ladder in sales to become a Sales Director, managing multiple dealerships and leading over a hundred employees. His success in this role, however, did not quell his inner yearning for authenticity and self-connection.

This quest for deeper meaning led Jason to explore the concept of higher density living, a journey that has reshaped his perspective on life and leadership. Today, Jason Rigby is a successful entrepreneur, the owner of Rigby Digital, and the Chief Marketing Officer at TARTLE. He hosts the “Self Aware Leadership Podcast” and co-hosts the “Higher Density Living Podcast” with Alexander McCaig.

Away from his professional endeavors, Jason is an avid book collector, a passionate follower of world soccer, and finds joy in the sunny climes of New Mexico with his two dogs. His journey is marked by an unwavering commitment to personal development, understanding that leadership and self-growth are intertwined with daily discipline and consistent actions.

Jason Rigby’s life story is a powerful narrative of overcoming adversity, embracing change, and pursuing a path of self-awareness and leadership. His experiences serve as a beacon, reminding us that regardless of our circumstances, there’s always room for growth, learning, and transformation.