A New Way to Lead, Coach, and Teach Your Sales Staff: Stop Fighting the Internet.

This is the Albuquerque Business Podcast with your host Jason Rigby. Each week we interview leading local business leaders to inspire the vision and the spirit that is in every entrepreneur. We discuss strengths, weakness, strategies, systems and the problems we can all solve together to fulfill a shared vision of a new future for Albuquerque.

Special Guest Riley Lowry he is a leadership coach, and here is his bio and way to connect through LinkedIn.

Leadership is the ability to influence action, in order to do so a leader must be inspired. This basic principle is a primary building block in my belief as a leader and for the past 20 years I have emulated this in order to grow. I’ve chosen a path that requires curiosity, patience and consistency all in which are exemplified in my experience as a General Sales Manager. Being the first of the kind for a fast paced retail operation, I had to establish processes and procedures that directly impacted training for Store Managers, Sales Managers and Sales Professionals in the organization. Also, mentoring other General Sales Managers throughout the company on a day to day basis, each day presented its own unique opportunities to provide mentorship through the most challenging situations as well as celebrate each individual’s peak performances. Throughout my professional experience I have been fortunate to have worked with top talent as well as industry leaders.

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