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Welcome to the Self Aware Leader Podcast, hosted by Jason Rigby. Each week, we bring insightful discussions and expert perspectives to empower leaders and ignite the entrepreneurial spirit within. Our focus is not just on leadership, but on the holistic journey of personal and professional development. We dive deep into strengths, weaknesses, strategies, systems, and the multifaceted challenges that we collectively tackle to shape a promising future.
In our episodes, we explore the significance of leadership, personal growth, and efficient systems in our professional world. Recognizing that daily discipline is key, we delve into how consistent actions, compounded over time, can radically transform our lives. Our philosophy centers on the belief that through persistent and mindful habits, coupled with the development of our physical, mental, and spiritual selves, we can evolve into the individuals we aspire to be. Join us as we journey through these transformative ideas, and together, let’s create a new vision for the future.

What Makes Us Tick?

Deep Dive into Self-Discovery and Leadership

Our podcast uniquely blends psychological insights with spiritual wisdom to empower you on your leadership journey. Explore the depths of your psyche, understand your shadow, and harness your inner archetypes to become a more effective, self-aware leader.

Harnessing Inner Wisdom for Professional Growth

We delve into the realms of inner consciousness and spiritual growth to enhance your leadership skills. Learn to tap into your intuition and spiritual understanding, transforming them into practical strategies for professional excellence and personal fulfillment.

Integrating Timeless Wisdom into Modern Leadership

Our podcast bridges ancient spiritual knowledge with contemporary leadership challenges. Discover timeless principles that offer insight into human behavior and motivation, providing a unique lens to approach modern-day leadership scenarios with wisdom and clarity.

Cultivating a Holistic and Balanced Approach to Leadership

We emphasize the importance of balance – between the rational and the intuitive, the practical and the spiritual. Our episodes guide you in nurturing a holistic leadership style that respects both the material and the spiritual aspects of life, leading to a more fulfilled and effective leadership presence.